Renovated in the spring of 2022, we are extremely proud of our facility. A large open space that can easily transform to suit every family and their wishes. Our separate, more intimate rooms are a place to gather, have a beverage or to have a moment in private. The old world charm as well as the comfort and warmth our facility is known for still remains, but with many new updates and a refreshed decor. Funeral Service has changed over the years, and so have we. The Smith family is pleased to offer families many options as to how they wish to Celebrate the Life of their loved one. From simple burial and cremation arrangements to more traditional arrangements, also private family gatherings to public gatherings, we want families to know that this is their home too! 

Services we offer include, Simple/Direct Cremation Services. (Complimentary dressing of the deceased prior to Cremation) $2500.00 Including HST.

Celebrations of Life.

Chapel Services.


Private viewings.

Graveside Services.


Catering Services and more. 

We welcome you at any time to view our facility in person. Thank-you, Jason Smith  (Please see pictures below)